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Terms and conditions of purchase

A consolidated Bastard knows that To break the rules you have to know them very well. If you like going against the grain and you are faithful to your rock essence; For warranty, changes and repairs; Take a look at our purchase conditions, before it’s too late.

  • GARANTÍA / WARRANTY: All Bastardo shoes and boots have a 90-day warranty. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, or the shoes do not reflect your spirit with all the quality you expect: you have 10 working days, from the date of purchase, to send us the reasons for your disagreement to[email protected] and specify if you need a change or a repair.


  • CASES: Let’s be honest, the marks and worn look on the leather are a symbol of bohemian nights, cruising hard roads and rudeness, but there are flaws for which it is worthwhile to claim and others for which not. These are the valid defects to consider in the Bastard Warranty:
  • Manufacturing failures.
  • Unglued or unpicked product.
  • The evaluation criteria is: Minor failure; it implies repair. Serious failure; it implies product change.
  • We have 3 days to evaluate and define the type of failure.


  • RETURNS OR SIZE CHANGES: To return your pair of Bastards you must do it, personally, in the same store where you bought it. If you made your purchase online, you can return it by the means you deem appropriate. The costs of forwarding are on your own.
  • Boots or shoes must come in their original condition; without any wear and tear, in its box and with proof of purchase.
  • *Nota: * Note: Since some of our shoes and boots are limited editions and have unique characteristics; all changes are subject to product availability, size and model.
  • FFORMS OF ONLINE PAYMENT: If you are a tough guy but you handle better in cyberspace. If you belong to the Bastard Brotherhood and live in regions or prefer to receive your shoes in the comfort of your home; you can specify your purchases via Internet through the following means:


  • Online Payment WebpayWebpay, which corresponds to credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers.
  • If you have questions or want to consult details, send us your questions to [email protected]


  • SHIPPING: Once your purchase is made, including shipping costs and the delivery address is informed, the selected product (s) will be sent from the corresponding Bastardo store or you can choose the option of free store withdrawal:


  • El despacho de tu pedido a regiones y en la región metropolitana, se realiza en mínimo 3 días y hasta en 7 días hábiles.


  • The dispatch of your order to regions and in the metropolitan region, is done at least 3 days and up to 7 business days.
    The dispatches are made from Monday to Friday, that is, if you buy a product on Friday after business hours (6:00 p.m.), the dispatch order will be processed on the following Monday.
  • The dispatches are in charge of Chilexpress, with its national distribution network, doing a door-to-door delivery, except in specific cases where you can withdraw your purchase at the Chilexpress office in your city.
    Delivery will be made to a person over 18 years of age. In case of not finding an adult at home, up to two more attempts of delivery on consecutive days will be made with written notification.
  • CHANGE POLICY: We suggest you specify your purchase only if you are 100% sure. We can not return money or reverse Transbank, if you regret, for any of these reasons: 

– Dissent of your purchase
– Wrong size
– Dislike

We can only return the money and reverse Transbank if the product presented any technical failure:

  • Manufacturing failure
  • De-blended or detached material
  • (With prior verification by our Quality Control Department) within 3 months after its purchase as authorized by the Sernac. These Policies are endorsed by Law No. 19,496 on the Protection of the Rights of Consumers.
  • DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTIONS: When you visit our website to choose your BASTARDO boots, remember that not all the pairs available in the store are always available.The stock depends on the production of our handmade work. We suggest you to write to [email protected] / [email protected] or send us an internal message through our facebook fanpage and ask if the model you want is in your size.
  • The offers and promotions of our online store are not necessarily applied in our physical stores, any change or direct return in store is subject to internal policies of the company.


  • TECHNICAL SERVICE: The strings of your guitar are worn out. Your bike requires maintenance and your beard a good cut. For this reason, in BASTARDO we deliver the technical service of repair and maintenance to the shoes of our brand.


  • If your sole is very worn; we offer you the service of adding a half rubber plant or, if you prefer, changing the complete sole.
  • The outsole is not eternal; we can also change them for new ones.

This service is done with a prior evaluation, to give the costs of your request and the time it takes us to carry out the work.